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money blog ideasGetting Money Blog Ideas to start your own blog can be very confusing due to the fact the internet is saturated with money making blogs. However, you can still be successful making a blog that generates a lot of money for you if you have a passion about a certain thing and you are very knowledgeable about the topic.

First of all you have to find a niche that is going to be good at making money for you, something that people want information about. Finding the right niche is key to starting a successful blog.Secondly, you have to have good knowledge about the topic to create unique content that answers your audience questions.Thirdly, you have to find keywords that have low competition and a domain name that matches or at least contains most of your main keyword. Lastly, you will have to find products related to your niche and keywords and monetize you blog.

First, let's talk about finding a good niche. That is the one of the major, if not the major component to creating a successful blog. Nowadays, almost every one is into the business of making money online, so most of the money making niches are way too saturated and the competition is as stiff as ever. That is the main reason, many blogs fail before they even start. If you can write unique and informative content about a certain niche you can still succeed regardless of the competition. Many of the bloggers just publish anything to get their blog going which is recipe for disaster. So if you are familiar with the topic and know a lot of information that might help people, you will succeed.

Next, i'd like to talk about keywords, as they are also key to successful blogging. If you concentrate on keywords that are not searched online, you will go nowhere. Make sure you do your research as to what keywords are getting searched a lot on the internet as that will be the main factor in deciding how many visitors you blog will receive. Your main keyword should be included in your domain name. for example if your blog is about "money blog ideas", your main keyword should be "money blog ideas" or "blog ideas", and you domain name should be "money blog ideas" or "find money blog ideas" or "Money Blog Ideas site". That will help bringing in organic traffic to your blog from the search engines.

Now, we will talk about how to use that successful blog you have just created to make money. I mean that is the main purpose of starting a blog right? There are many ways you can monetise your blog. The easiest and most successful one is Google's Adsense. That will not make you much money unless your blog is really great and is getting way too much traffic. I guess everyone knows how that works these days. you apply to get approved to have Google display their ads on your site, and when a visitor clicks on one of those ads, Google charges the advertiser for that and gives you a percentage of that charge. That charge varies depending on the niche, as some ads generate just a few pennies per click while others get you dollars.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT click on those ads yourself or ask friends and family members to do it for you, as soon or later Google will find out and believe me they can and they do, and once they find out you will be banned for life, no appeals or anything of the sort works. I haven't heard of any such bans getting overturned. Remember you need Google, they don't need you. Another thing, do not apply for Google Adsense before your site is up and running with a whole lot of unique content published on it, as you will be rejected.

ClickBank is the most successful affiliate marketing program, you can find products that are related to your niche and list them on your blog. When any of your visitors purchase that product you get paid a good percentage of the price of that product (anywhere from 50% to 75%). Even though the money generated here is way more than Google's Adsense, the sales are usually hard to come by, as it is much easier for someone to click on an ad that is not costing any money than to spend money buying a product.

Another way to monetise your blog is listing commission joint (cj) ads on your blog. The same rule apply to commission joint as ClickBank. Your visitors have to purchase a product and then you will get a commission for that product sale.

Here are few other programs that can use to monetise your blog:






There are many more programs that you can use. You can do your research online and find out which ones can make the most money. To end this article i'd like to say that finding Money Blog Ideas is no longer enough to create a successful blog nowadays, you will have to do all of the above or at least most of it to have a chance in today's competitive market.